Wembley Park Hoarding Jam

Hoarding Jam

We recently completed a massive mural at Wembley Park! We unveiled artwork designed in collaboration with nearly 100 local school children, installed on a 40m long hoarding set against the backdrop of Wembley Stadium.

Hoarding Jam

The mural is the second commission of the Wembley Park Street Art Project in partnership with us – an awesome ongoing programme transforming spaces across Wembley Park with different installations showcasing a variety of the world’s greatest street artists. The project was launched last year with Mr Doodle, who took over Olympic Way with 43 million square inches (can you tell we love big, ambitious projects?) of his idiosyncratic characters – a project still on display.

Hoarding Jam

The latest artwork, ‘Wembley Park Wishes the World Welcome’, was devised to allow maximum input from the local community, and has been created in close collaboration with local school children from nearby Ark Academy.

Hoarding Jam

We hosted a series of workshops with students in Years Seven and Eight, helping to teach them more about street art, its history and different techniques in order to develop their own style and create their own designs. The students loved it, and we had a great time to boot!

Hoarding Jam


Hoarding Jam


Hoarding Jam

To find out more about the installation, the overall project, or to get involved, please visit:


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