15 Female Street Artist We Love: International Women’s Day

What better time to celebrate female street artists than during International Women’s Day!

We wish we had time to include everyone but we’ve had to limit ourselves to fifteen and they are in no particular order!

If there are female artists you would have added to this list, make sure you let us know in the comments!

1. Zabou

Zabou is a French artist that has been living in the UK since 2011. From Israel to Columbia, Portugal to Cyprus; you’ll find her work all over the world spreading her message of love, fun and rebellion!

Not to mention some of her portrayals of famous icons such as Dali, Frida, Charlie Chaplin, amongst others!

We were lucky enough to speak to her last year, you’ll find her interview here.

female street artists international womens day zabou

2. Frankie Strand

Frankie’s work mainly consists of bright, colour animals and plant life. She loves to collaborate with other artists, working with their styles to create a piece that compliments both artists’ work.

We were also lucky enough to have Frankie come in to Global Street Art HQ and do an amazing piece for our sketchbook series, check it out here.
female street artists international womens day frankie strand

3-4. Nomad Clan

Nomad Clan is the collective of Cbloxx and AYLO. When the pair collaborate the fusion delivers an unmistakeable style.

Each mural has a strong significance to the environment it sits in, combining playful scenes often from local heritage with detailed portraits of characters from some of the the tales they hear in the local public spaces.

We had the chance to speak to Nomad Clan about their huuuge piece they painted in Leeds called ‘Athena Rising’ (bottom right image). Check out the interview here!female street artists international womens day nomad clan

5. Manyoly

Manyoly has been pasting up her women on the walls in every city she visits. From portrait to abstract, painting to collage, with a pencil or a knife, Manyoly explores all the facets of her personality on her paintings, which are rich in contrasts.

We’ve helped Manyoly find spots in London to share her artwork, and we’ve captured the process in a video here!

female street artists international womens day manyoly

6. Fuzeillear

Fuzeillear has been living on the Sunshine Coast for the past eight years, creating work imbued with a calm and stillness that she struggles to find in real life.

Working with watered washes and brushes, she uses shadowy textures and strong highlights to bring a sense of depth and space, allowing the viewer to take a breath and, for a moment, float away.

Fuzeillear painted an amazing piece as part of our #ArtforEstates campaign, make sure to check out the video here!

female street artists international womens day Fuzeillear

7. Marina Zumi

Marina is an Argentine currently residing in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In her murals you can see art motifs of nature, bio fluorescence and cosmic patterns.  Marina highlights the logic of nature, cosmos, and precepts of sacred geometry.

Whilst in London, we helped source a spot in Shoreditch for Marina, watch her in action here!

female street artists international womens day marina zumi

8. Vera Bugatti

Specialising in 3D pavement & chalk art, Vera Bugatti creates some amazing illusion pieces, with a very distinct style.

As she considers street-painting as a part of her artistic path, she tries to find new subjects and have a dialogue with the surrounding environment.

The top right image in the picture below, was a piece Vera painted with our help on Christmas Day!

female street artists international womens day vera bugatti

9. Annatomix

Annatomix is a self taught artist with a passion for the sciences, history, religion and philosophy.

Heavy with sacred geometry and ancient symbolism, her work covers illustration, painting, sculpture and urban art.

female street artists international womens day annatomix

10. Artista

Artista’s work has transformed from fine art painting, to the vibrant, character-based aerosol art she has become known for painting.

The artwork has been shown across London in many forms and has even been showcased inside the walls of Europe’s most visited gallery, The Tate Modern.

female street artists international womens day artista

11. Marina PTKS

Mariana PTKS is an urban artist residing in Porto, who from early on explores the technique of oil painting, later evolving to graffiti, adopting a less literal and more minimal concept.

Her pieces show her fascination with the cosmos and its vastness, the interpretations of the plasticity of the universe, as well as of geometry.

female street artists international womens day marinaptks

12. BK Foxx

BK Foxx creates some truly amazing realistic free-hand pieces. She is extremely versatile, especially when it comes to the size of the pieces she paints, which covers shop-fronts to huge walls.  
female street artists international womens day bk foxx

13. Alice Pasquini

Alice Pasquini’s artwork is seen not only on urban surfaces and walls, but also in galleries and museums in more than one hundred different cities around the world.

The Roman artist, both a street artist and painter, as well as an illustrator and set designer, has developed different threads in her research, from narrating feminine vitality to manipulating the three-dimensional possibilities of her work. female street artists international womens day alice pasquini

14. Amara Por Dios

Amara Por Dios’ style is recognisable with her vibrant colours, organic shapes, patterns and faces.

Inspired by the ancient civilisations and religious artefacts from all over the world. Amara brings her spiritual goddesses and creatures to life on the streets and in her paintings to watch and protect their surroundings.

Before Amara left London (*sigh*) we managed to capture her create an amazing piece in Fitzrovia, check it out here!

female street artists international womens day amara por dios

15. Mad C

Mad C’s work focuses on dynamic calligraphy and transparency where all layers shine through and thereby capture the energy of painting in the street without using a direct graffiti language.

female street artists international womens day Mad C

I think you will agree, these are 15 incredible street artists!

As mentioned before, make sure to comment on any other female street artists you would have added to this list!



7 thoughts on “15 Female Street Artist We Love: International Women’s Day

  1. I came across a video of Banksy shredding the “Girl With Ballon” and it’s really, brilliant work. Dada, IF the Dadaist felt that capitalism was the new “war”. Actually it’s very reminiscent of a performance piece that Truman Marquez did in New York back in 2006.

    Here is a link to the performance piece by Truman Marquez 👇🏽


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