February at Global Street Art

Well, we just about made it through February…what with the Beast from the East! It’s hard to imagine just how cold and crazy the weather was – but it will take more than a bit of snow to slow us down!

Check out all the amazing things we got up to last month at Global Street Art!

Save Me Mural – Sky Atlantic

Sky Save Me Coronet Final Picture

Sky Save Me Kentish Town Final Picture #2

Last month saw us paint two large-scale murals for Sky Atlantic’s new thriller ‘Save Me’. These two murals were painted simultaneously in Kentish Town and Elephant & Castle and I’m sure you will agree, the results are stunning!

Do not miss our video of the production below, with some amazing arial shots, if we do say so ourselves!

Pilot Pintor x Global Street Art

This year, we’ve teamed up with Pilot Pen UK to create the Global Street Art Pintor Pen Sketchbook Series!

Over the course of the year, you’ll get to see a number of artists create some amazing pieces using Pilot Pen’s new Pintor range.

In February we’ve had Trafik, Frankie Strand, James Chuter, London Vagabond, Noir & Diego Finassi produce some truly beautiful pieces!

We’ve got plenty more artists popping in, so check out our Youtube Channel to keep up-to-date with the latest collaborations or check them out below!

Interview with Spaik

Global Street art mexico spaik 1

Spaik is a Mexican urban artist whose colourful works are inspired by the Latin American folklore. He works mainly in Mexico but has also done murals in other countries in both Central and South America.

In his paintings Spaik uses topics related to local traditions and makes mythical references of traditional stories.

Walls Project

I’m sure it comes at no surprise to say that the weather in London, including the ‘Beast from the East’ had stopped a lot of artists popping over to paint! However, we did publish some of the videos of Prozak, Raul & Meisone last month!

In case you missed them check out our Walls Project Playlist, or check them out below!

As always, we were very happy to find these guys a space to paint, as well as some materials (when we can spare!)

If you’re an artist looking to paint in London, give us an email at dudes@globalstreetart.com, let us know when you are in London and we will help you out!

Top pics in February

And finally…here are some of the most liked images from our Instagram page!

global street art feb 2018

Top Left:  Xomatok
Top Middle: Mahn Kloix
Top Right: Tim Marsh
Middle Left: Shalak Attack
Middle Right: Smates
Bottom Left: Ill
Bottom Middle: Alexis Diaz
Bottom Right: Sake Ink

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