Interview with Spaik

Spaik is a Mexican urban artist whose colourful works are inspired by the Latin American folklore. He works mainly in Mexico but has also done murals in other countries in both Central and South America.

In his paintings Spaik uses topics related to local traditions and makes mythical references of traditional stories.

Presently, he is earning a Bachelor Title in Film Studies at the Mexican Institute of Cinematographic and Humanistic Research (IMICH) in the city of Morelia, Michoacan in Mexico.

Global Street art mexico Spaik 5

Tell us about how you first got involved in street art

Since 15 years old when I was child. I saw the graffiti of the gangs in my town and that was my first inspiration to start doing it myself.

What do you find the most fulfilling about painting in the streets?

The freedom and the interaction with all kind of people. I always find it’s very interesting listening to different points of view about my work and make new friends.

Global Street art mexico Spaik 4

Who are your biggest creative influences?

I have a lot influences but I think the main ones are: David Alfaro Siqueiros, Jorge González Camarena, Os Gemeos, Daim, Hayao Miyasaki, Vasili Kandinski.

You’ve painted a lot of large-scale murals and murals in tricky spaces (like in tunnels). Do you enjoy the challenges presented by these kinds of pieces?

Of course! Because it’s not a usual wall so it’s definitely more funny for me to play with the forms and angulations to create a new atmosphere around different architecture.

After 16 years of painting around the streets sometimes the flat walls become boring, so you need a new challenge.

Global Street art mexico spaik 2

How do you decide what to paint? Where do you get your inspiration?

Depends on the place and the form of architecture. I get special inspiration in the ancestral cultures of Latin America and it’s cosmovision*. I love how they can play with the colours and ‘the surreal’ of the different traditions.

*a particular view or understanding of the world, esp. the view of time and space and its ritualised representation and enactment by Mesoamerican peoples.


How has the public responded to your work?

The response is very good, I did not expect it but I think I’m lucky to have very good responses, as it means I get more opportunities to work around the world.

Global Street art mexico Spaik 3

Tell us about the street art scene in Mexico

Now it’s very strong! There are a lot of festivals around the country, a lot of artists, and more support to do street art!

Tell us about the technique(s) you use to create your pieces

Well, I can use everything spray cans, rollers, brushes and lately I have been experimenting with mosaic and other digitals tools to make video mappings in buildings.

Global Street art mexico spaik 1

If you could paint anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would love to make something in Palestine or Iran, maybe Singapore. these kind of countries are very interesting to me because they don’t have a lot of news on street art in their cities now.

What upcoming projects do you have planned?

Well, I’m a film maker by profession and I would like to make some movies before I die! Hahaha. But for now, I’m practicing and discovering the wold of mosaic to have more durability in my murals and I would like learn how to create sculptures – the thing is I just want to be able to make art!

Global Street art mexico Spaik 6

Thank you to Spaik for taking time to speak to us!

Check out more of his work on Global Street Art

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