January at Global Street Art

Normally, January is a quiet month for most companies but we were anything but quiet here at Global Street Art!

This month we were finally able to reveal two huge projects we worked on, which I won’t spoil the surprise of here! You’ll just need to scroll down to find them out!

The cold weather hasn’t stop a number of artists coming into the office too, so find out who visited us in January below!


Zippo x Ben Eine

Global Street Art Ben Eine Zippo img1

We have to begin by talking about this epic project we organised and conducted with Zippo & internationally renowned artist, Ben Eine!

This groundbreaking project saw Ben Eine paint a huge floor mural, using his distinctive typography to paint the word ‘CREATE’.

The artwork spans 17,500 square metres, required 2,850 litres of recycled paint (that’s equivalent to four TONNES of paint!) ,which was supplied by Forest Recycling Project.

The paint was mixed in a 200-litre bathtub, and the mixing of all the colours took 48 hours. And when it came to actually painting the mural, due to the sheer scale of the piece, Ben could only check the progress of the artwork with the use of drone footage.

The piece took 30 supporting volunteers and 6 artists to help paint it!

Here’s a video of the whole project:

The Guardian

global street art the guardian

This was a fun project to be a part of as we got to work with The Guardian to conceptualise all the elements in this piece.

We then designed everything in-house and (of-course!) got to paint this beautiful piece too!

Don’t miss our video showcasing the process of creating this artwork:

F is for Fendi: The Ring of the Future

global street art fendi ring of the future

This was a project we worked on last year but we’ve only been allowed to talk about it now! I don’t know how we managed to keep this under our hats for so long as this was another mammoth project we really enjoyed.

We organised and produced this giant floor piece for F is for Fendi on the rooftop of Fendi HQ.

We brought together 6 international artists who paint/write in 6 different languages, to Rome to paint the ‘Ring of the Future’.

The artists and the language they painted were Gary Stranger (English), Jodae (Korean), Roes (Chinese), Hillel (Hebrew), Cave (Arabic) and Casper (Japanese).

And yes of course we have the video to show you too!

Pilot Pintor x Global Street Art

This year, we’ve teamed up with Pilot Pen UK to create the Global Street Art Pintor Pen Sketchbook Series!

Over the course of the year, you’ll get to see a number of artists create some amazing pieces using Pilot Pen’s new Pintor range.

So far in January we’ve had Busk, Skai, Prozak, Pablo Davvid, 2 Rise, Itaewon, Raul 33 & Henning Feil produce some truly beautiful pieces!

We’ve got plenty more artists popping in, so check out our Youtube Channel to keep up-to-date with the latest collaborations or check them out below!

Interview with Ener Konings

ener konings street art 2

It’s times like these we are extremely glad that social media exists because without it, we may never have got to see Ener Konings work, as most of his pieces can only be found in Kristiansand, Norway.

We spoke to Ener about his paste-ups, which are primarily of women, his simplistic design and use of colour.

Walls Project

As mentioned earlier, January’s cold weather hasn’t stop visiting artists come to Global Street Art HQ, including Meisone, Cartoon Neros, Jackie & Ellwood and Lady Kaur.

As always, we were very happy to find these guys a space to paint, as well as some materials (when we can spare!)

If you’re an artist looking to paint in London, give us an email at dudes@globalstreetart.com, let us know when you are in London and we will help you out!

Top pics in January

And finally…here are some of the most liked images from our Instagram page!


global street art January


Top Left:  Caiozzama
Top Middle: bro.streetartscholl.cs
Top Right: This is my view photography
Middle Left: Michael Beerens
Middle Right: Zabou
Bottom Left: Muretz (Photo by D7606)
Bottom Middle: Kerry Wilson Art
Bottom Right: Ant Carver

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