November at Global Street Art

We assumed that as the weather was getting colder, less people would be painting! But we’ve had just as many artists come into the office as any other month! These artists are made of hearty stuff!

We also worked on a number of projects but sadly, we can’t talk about some of them! It’s all hush hush till the new year, so you’ll just have to wait I’m afraid!

For now, here’s everything else we got up to in November!

MTV EMA Awards

What fun we had working on this project!

In just one day, Tizer, Mr Doodle, Captain Kris & Hunto painted these huuuge EMA Award replicas to celebrate the EMA Awards in London!

As you’ll see from the video above, the end result was four crazy amazing pieces!

If you were in Camden, Shoreditch, Wembley or Trafalgar Square the week leading up to the EMA Awards, you my have seen these pieces! As there was a competition to win tickets to the EMAs!

Interview with Ador

ador street art

The Parade Balade et Distorsion project, initiated by Ador and Semor has been running since last year, and finally came to an end in November.

With the completion of the project came the opportunity to finally speak to French artist Ador about his last year of work, as well as finding out more about himself and the inspiration behind his work.

You can check out the interview with Ador here!

Walls Project

As always, we have a long list of artists we have supported this last month, which includes: Itaewon_MYL, John Beijer, Lady Kur, Jotape Pax, Skai, Nerone, Choots, Tommy Fiendish, Tizer, Koctel, 2Rise, Henning Feil, Ruina R64 & Robo J!

Click on the highlighted names above to check out the amazing pieces they created! We’re still editing some of the videos so watch this space!

We’re always here to help artists from all over the world find spots to paint in London. If you’re an artist an looking for a place to paint in London, email us at and let us know when you are over!

Top pics in November

And finally…here are some of the most liked images from our Instagram page!

global street art nov 2017


Top Left:  Christian Fenn (Seca One)
Top Middle: Akse P19 Crew
Top Right: Duke 103
Middle Left: Conse
Middle Right: Stencil Shed
Bottom Left: Padure
Bottom Middle: Sake Ieneka
Bottom Right: ILL

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