October at Global Street Art

October had been a busy month for artists dropping by! Everyone must be trying to paint in London before it gets too cold!

We’ve been working on some big projects this month too, projects we have to keep hush hush for a while but watch this space! We will let you guys know about them as soon as we can!

Here’s what we got up to!

Banksy Restored

A project we’ve had to keep under wraps for months now, is the restoration of Banksy’s ‘Snorting Copper’. We created the video above for HC Developments to tell the story of the restoration of the piece.

The piece was painted in 2005 on Curtain Road, Shoreditch, and became one of the many pilgrimage sites for Banksy fans and street art lovers alike.

Deemed as vandalism, the ‘Snorting Copper’ suffered the same fate as many street art pieces before it, and was painted over by Hackney Council shortly after its installation.

Jonathan Ellis, MD of Hamilton Court Developments (HCD), was made aware of the ‘hidden Banksy’ piece at 115 Curtain Road whilst working on a project nearby. When HCD redeveloped the site a few years later they decided to bring the piece back to life.

The challenge to restore the piece was given to Fine Art Restoration Co. The first task was to extract the two-ton wall in one section and transport it to their studio for analysis. However, the detailed survey revealed the restoration team’s worst fears…

Over the years the artwork had been severely damaged, vandalised and at one point attacked with an angle grinder in an attempt to remove it one brick face at a time.

The damage was extensive and the artwork was significantly hidden by multiple layers of over-painting.

The piece was restored after a gruelling 12 weeks of work by a team of 11 restorers & has finally returned back to Shoreditch.

Interview with Sabek

street art sabek wolf deer

You know straight away when you see a piece by Sabek; his distinct style, the block colours and generally the animal subject matter.

The piece below was one of our most liked images of August, so we thought we’d get in touch with Sabek to find out more about his background, his inspiration and his artwork.


London Skyline for Rapport 

We don’t just paint exteriors! Oh no! When our friends over at Rapport asked us to paint something in their office, we were more than happy to! We went ahead and painted a London skyline, made up of iconic building s around London. Check out the video and tell us what your favourite building is!

Walls Projects

We had a lot of visitors to the office this month! We had Lady Kaur, Dynamick, Marina Zumi, Jose Mendez, Egle Zvirblyte, Tommy Fiendish, Jupiter FAB, Koctel, Frankie Strand, Itaewon, JOTAPEPAX, Nico, Tizer, 2Rise and Mr Doodle! Phew!

Click on the highlighted names above to check out the amazing pieces they created!

We’re always here to help artists from all over the world find spots to paint in London. If you’re an artist an looking for a place to paint in London, email us at dudes@globalstreetart.com and let us know when you are over!

Top pics in October

And finally…here are some of the most liked images from our Instagram page!

global street art oct 2017

Top Left: Giuseppe Gutan and Mahnkloix
Top Middle: Cheba Bristol 
Top Right: Artez
Middle Left: Celopax
Middle Right: Andrey Palval
Bottom Left: Xavtattoo
Bottom Middle: Nomad Clan & Lei-Mai Le Maow
Bottom Right: Mad

3 thoughts on “October at Global Street Art

  1. I came across a video of Banksy shredding the “Girl With Ballon” and it’s really, brilliant work. Dada, IF the Dadaist felt that capitalism was the new “war”. Actually it’s very reminiscent of a performance piece that Truman Marquez did in New York back in 2006.

    Here is a link to the performance piece by Truman Marquez 👇🏽


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