September at Global Street Art

Another month gone and we still can’t believe how quickly 2017 is whizzing past us!

We’ve been up to a lot this month including some fantastic projects, a trip away, as well as sourcing walls for a number of international artists.

Here’s what we got up to, enjoy!

Trip to Antwerp & Ghent

We were invited to check out the street art scene in both Antwerp & Ghent and we were amazed at the quality and quantity of pieces out there! We’re still going through all our footage, so in the meantime, here’s a teaser of what’s to come!

Interview with BustArt

Combining his graff background with comics, cartoons and pop-culture, BustArt creates street art that really unites each element together perfectly.

We had the pleasure of talking to BustArt, find out what we spoke about here!

street art bust garfield

Kingman: The Golden Circle

The second instalment in the Kingsman franchise, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, came out last month, and to help create some buzz around the release we were asked to paint some amazing posters.

There were robots, guns, spies and pugs…lots of pugs! Check out the video below and see for yourself!

Interview with Thrashbird

From his ‘clones’ to subvertising pieces, LA-based street artist Thrashbird isn’t afraid to tackle different mediums to comment on the world as he sees it.

With his recent project “Valley of Secret Values” near completion, we spoke to him about his artwork, his methods and his latest project.

street art thrashbird clone 2

Spotify x Wolf Alice

With the impending release of Wolf Alice’s new album ‘Visions of a Life’ we were very excited to paint their artwork in Camden for Spotify. We think you would agree, the results are awesome!

Interview with Rimon

Brazilian artist, Rimon, has travelled to places like Gambia and Syria, using street art to connect with communities and help develop educational programs through the Conexus Project.

With his show in London at Maze Gallery, he took some time out to talk to us about himself, the Conexus Project and his artwork.

street art rimon 3-1

Walls Project

We’re always so happy to have artists from all over the world come to our office and help them out by giving them walls to paint.

This month we had the pleasure of hosting El Jerrino, Jose Mendez, Shiz & Tommy, James Chuter, Agwa & Itaewon, Olivier Roubieu, Rimon, Jerome, Sophie Cresswell & Chris Capri, and Werdna.

Click on the highlighted names above to check out the amazing pieces they created!

Interview with ILL

Born in 1985, Ill is one of Iran’s most recognised street artists. His paintings have been on the walls of Tabriz, Tehran, Karaj and other cities of Iran, talking about censorship, despair, children, human rights and mind control.

Immediately after he began his career he started his military service and moved to Tehran where there was a better chance of painting walls and holding exhibitions and events.

We spoke to Ill about his artwork, the messages behind his pieces, as well as life painting in Iran.

street art ill stencil 4

Fleur De Lis Paint Jam

Courtesy of Bristish Land, we got permission to organise a massive paint jam down Fleur de Lis Street. This was an epic jam with so many dope pieces.

Big thanks to everyone who joined the jam: Oust | G-Wiz | Sleaf | Itaewon | Party | Tizer | Core | Dahkoh | Captain Kris | Eoin | Mones | Faver | 2Rise | Thisone | Jano | Sophy | Trafik | Creed | Peal | Stedhead_Art.

Top pics in September

And finally…here are some of the most liked images from our Instagram page!

gsa sep 2017

Top Left: Cheba
Top Middle: BK FOXX
Top Right: Astro Odv Cbs
Middle Left: Krishna Malla
Middle Right: Wild Welva
Bottom Left: Igor Dobrowolski
Bottom Middle: Escapeva
Bottom Right: Ant Carver

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