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Come one, come all and check out the new artists on Global Street Art this week!

Each week we will be highlighting the artists that join our site by showing off their amazing artwork.

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At the age of 12 Mar was already drawing figures of his imagination with a bit of chalk on pavements.

Over the years his professional choice came naturally to him. During his academy course – graduated in Fashion Design at the F.A.L. – he applied for a job at the Portuguese animation studio “Magic Toons”, as a drawing artist. It was around this time, in ’98, that he had his first experience with graffiti.

Since then, moved by his artistic convictions, Mar looks for constant self-evolution and for the graffiti movement, which is evolving globally.

Known by his peers for his characters, he stands out for the way he builds his characters and atmosphere by giving them lines and shapes that make them unique.

street art mar 4 street art mar 1 street art mar 2 street art mar 3

Underground At Ink Block

Underground at Ink Block is the successful transformation of an 8-acre underpass located between Boston’s South End and South Boston neighbourhoods into an active urban park, cultural attraction.

The Underground Mural Project transformed over 100,000 sq foot of walls in the park. The line-up of local and internationally renowned artists include: Cey Adams, Don Rimx, Ewok, Imagine, Hoxxoh, Marka27, Percy Fortini-Wright, Problak, Thy Doan & Upendo Taylor; some of who you can see featured below.

street art Ceyadams undergrpound at ink block

Piece by Ceyadams

street art underground at ink block collab Marka_27 Donrimx & Problak

Collab Piece by Marka_27, Donrimx & Problak

street art vyalone underground at ink block

Piece by Vyalone

Jair Martinez

Jair Martinez was born in Bogotà, Colombia in 1988 and has lived in Turin, Italy since he was 8 years old. His academic career has always been closely linked to the world of art – he started as a student at an Artistic Education Secondary School before attending the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin and then completing his artistic education in 2014 after attending the Advertising Graphics School.

During his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin he came into contact with the world of graffiti and felt the urge to explore other dimensions.

He started travelling around Europe participating in paint jams and graffiti festivals and creating a wide network, not only in the Italian, but also in the European artistic scene.

In Turin, his work and research emerges in different scenes while collaborating with and creating walls along with other artists from the region. This has led him to meet and establish close ties with extraordinary people.

street art jair martinez 1

Bobbie Serrano

Bobbie Serrano is an illustrator and artist. His work is influenced by human and animal as well as by his desire to make new experiences and trying new techniques.

With his “birds” the social worker reflects on social problems, his existence in society and the problems of intercommunication between human relationships in a simple and reduced way.

He also cooperates with partners from music, fashion and media departments and is a versatile supporter of Viva con Agua.

street art bobbie serrano 3 street art bobbie serrano 2 street art bobbie serrano 1


2UPLA are two artists from Lisbon, born in 1992. They first met in primary school and from then became good friends.

Sketching and drawing came naturally to them and by the age of ten they had their first contact with graffiti whilst exploring abandoned buildings and unfinished houses.

They ended up spending many hours working as a team and developed their own way of painting together, brainstorming, rediscovering, redrawing and stylising drawings to their fullest potential.

In 2016, they developed 2UPLA project. By working together they get to work outside of their comfort zone and constantly contribute to each other’s  tasks which allows them to potentialise the results of their work.

street art 2upla 1

street art 2upla 3 street art 2upla 2

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