July at Global Street Art

It’s August?! Already? Time really does fly when you are having fun, and we’ve been busy having fun at Global Street Art HQ. Check out all the things we got up to in July!

Nelson Mandela

Where else to start than with the massive Nelson Mandela mural we created on Mandela Street for Brockton Capital. The piece was created to mark the anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birthday, which is more commonly known now as Nelson Mandela Day.

This huge 13-metre high mural took 12 days, 150 cans of paint, 40 litres of liquid paint, and a 15-ton lift to complete this piece…but it was worth it!

The piece was also featured by the likes of  Time Out & Londonist!

Check out the video below to see how the piece came together!

Upfest 2017

Another year, another cracking Upfest! With over 350 artists painting, there was street art everywhere! Somehow, we managed to pick our top 20 pieces – and yes – Kobra’s massive John Lennon piece features! Find out who else made the cut here!

street art upfest 2017 kobra

Nomad Clan’s Tallest Mural in the UK

Last month saw the completion of ‘Athena Rising’, the UK’s tallest mural by street art duo, Nomad Clan.

The mural is part of the citywide street art project ‘A City Less Grey’, initiated by East Street Arts and fully funded by LeedsBID (Leeds Business Improvement District). The project aims to animate the city and incorporate works of art onto and into Leeds’ buildings and streets.

We spoke to Nomad Clan about this mammoth project, find out more about it here.

nomad clan finished piece

“Athena Rising’ – Photo Credit: Bokehgo

Walls Project

As always, our Walls Project has been going strong! Last month we had pieces by Mr Christa, EDMX, Caio Beltrao, and an epic collab between Questz, Faver & Lifer, which you can see below!

Millo Piece in Ukraine

Art in public spaces has a huge impact on communities; it can bring joy, it can inspire, and it can encourage creativity.

This is the hope behind Italian artist Millo’s latest work, ‘The Power of Imagination’, created on the wall of Kremenchuk Juvenile Penitentiary as part of The Back to School Ukraine project. Learn more about this amazing piece, along with a collection of images here.the power of imagination-millo-kremencuk-prison7-light

Art for Estates: Poplar

For those that don’t know about our Art for Estates project, this is a completely free project that aims to increase the amount of public art in housing estates in London. We made a video documenting the artists that painted in Poplar, and I’m sure you will agree, their work is spectacular!

Nashville Walls Project

You may think Nashville is all Country Music and Cowboys but what you may not know is that there is a huge rise of street art in Nashville, thanks to the Nashville Walls Project.

The project supports the creation of huge murals painted by street artists from around the world, covering the city with beautiful art. Learn more about the Nashville Walls Project here.

nashville walls project main

Misha Most’s ‘Largest’ Mural in the World

Evolution-2, the ‘largest’ mural in the world, took 35 days to finish and covers a whopping 10,800 square metres. The piece was created in Vyska, home to ART OVRAG, the first annual cultural festival in Russia that transforms the life of a whole city.

We spoke to Misha Most about this huge project! Find out what he said and check out all the images of the piece here.

largest mural in the world image 1

Top Pics of July

And finally…here are some of the most liked images from our Instagram page!

global street art july 2017 instagram pics

Top Left: Escapeva
Top Middle: Coloquix
Top Right: ILL
Middle Left: Caiozzama
Middle Right: Riderikrifki
Bottom Left: Skran
Bottom Middle: Ador
Bottom Right: Axe Colours

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