20 Street Art Pieces We Love From Upfest 2017

Last weekend (28-31 July) saw Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival, Upfest, take place in Bristol.

Over 350 artists painted in sunshine and rain to created some truly amazing pieces. We wish we could feature all the artists’ work here but for now, we’ve chosen 20 of our favourite pieces.

Make sure to visit the official Upfest Instagram channel to see more amazing street art created for Upfest 2017!


Although this list is in no particular order, we had to start with this John Lennon piece by Brazilian artist Kobra. To get an idea of the scale of the piece, you’ll see the scissor lift in the corner of the picture below. This is a huge piece, full of colour and detail and definitely our highlight of the festival.

street art upfest 2017 kobraPhoto credit: tomvlachynsky

2. Eelus

‘Queen of the Castle’ is a piece by Brighton-based artist, Eelus. He is known for producing incredible murals in vivid colour and stark monochrome, as is visible by this piece.

street art upfest 2017 eelusart

3. Dzia

It’s easy to spot a piece by Belgian artist Dzia, through the unique style he uses to paint the animals he creates. These representations bring a breathe of fresh air to the areas he paints and utilises the space and environment surrounding the piece.

street art upfest 2017 dziaPhoto credit: mxtp_chmp

4. Collab piece by My Dog Sighs & Snub

The level of detail that goes in to the eyes that My Dog Sighs creates blows us away every time. The reflection in the eye is truly mesmerising, as well as the symmetry of the cubes painted by Snub around it.

street art upfest 2017 my dog sighs

5. Collab piece by Will Barras & XENZ

Will Barras and XENZ were both drawn to Bristol in the 90’s and during this period firmly cemented themselves as originators of the Bristol street art culture. Here, we see them come together to create this beautiful mural. This image is stunning but doesn’t do the piece justice!

street art upfest 2017 will barras xenzPhoto credit: saffywho

6. Angus

Anyone who was a kid during the 90’s would recognise the iconic ‘Hadouken’ of Ryu. Got to love the inclusion of a Pacman ghost by Bristol-based artist Angus!

street art upfest 2017 angus

7. Pakone

Maybe it’s all the LoFi Ghibli remixes we listen to in the office but we loved this cherry blossom piece by Pakone. This artist from Brest in France has created a vivid piece with amazing colours and the inclusion of the shadow int he background is so subtle but really makes the piece pop.

street art upfest 2017 pakone

Photo credit: ginger.2

8. Kid 30

We’re so happy to see this new Kid 30 piece, using his technique of piecing pop culture characters together to create a Frankenstein-esque piece. Here we see Sling from Toy Story, Scooby Doo, Pluto and Odie from Garfield merged together perfectly to create this piece.

street art upfest 2017 kid30

9. Pref

One of the best artists utilising typography in his work is Pref. Here we see his mind bending piece – literally – as this piece is called ‘Mind Bending’.

street art upfest 2017 pref

Photo credit: wlljklly

10. Dice Sixtyseven

Okay, we know this type of street art has been somewhat overdone now but sometimes the satirical vandalism piece just works. With all the kids we saw running around Upfest too, we hope this may speak to their rebellious side and get them painting!

street art upfest 2017 dice sixtyseven

Photo credit: shelltoe

11. Krishna Malla

Watching Krishna Malla at work on this piece was mesmerising. As we slowly started to see more detail and colour being added to the piece, we could tell it was going to be a cracking piece. As you can see from the image below, we were not left disappointed!

street art upfest 2017 Krishna Malla

12. Gums and Tongue x Lost Souls

What would Upfest be without a mini battle! Who better than the Gums and Tongue Crew vs. Lost Souls Crew. Here’s a video from Gums and Tongue showcasing a number of pieces by both crews!

13. Wen2

Like a sort of street art inception, Wen2 creates a street scene and then adds a graffiti tag on that street scene! Check out more of this Brest-based artists work for more amazing mini street scenes.

street art upfest 2017 wen2

Photo Credit: Upfest

14. Collab piece by Fanakapan and Insane51

Bringing the style of these two artists is a street art lovers dream come true! Fanakapan brings his iconic 3D imagery, which is complimented with Insane51’s double-vision style. A truly beautiful piece and an amazing collab!

street art upfest 2017 fanakapan and insane51

Photo Credit: sleighdog

15. Cheo

It’s been a number of years since we’ve seen Morph, and now we know why! He’s gone all ghetto on us! Cheo has morphed (sorry!) the characters to fit perfectly with his comic book style characters he normally creates and we just love the nod to ‘The Gallery’.

street art upfest 2017 cheo

16. Olivierr

Oliverr’s piece confuses us as there is so much detail but the technique makes it look so simple and smooth. We spent quite a bit of time staring at this piece as we found it hard to believe someone managed to create this with spray cans!

street art upfest 2017 Olivierr

17. Nomad Clan

You would think the women behind Nomad Clan would need a break after creating the UK’s tallest mural but Cbloxx and AYLO were at Upfest creating another marvellous piece. They just keep going from strength to strength and can only hope we’ll see a London piece soon!

street art upfest 2017 nomad clan

18. Buff Monster

This New York-based artist has brought with him a shed load of ice-cream! His bright colours, bold lines and funny characters are here to make the world a sweeter place.

street art upfest 2017 buffmonster

Photo Credit: Upfest

19. Nolart

It’s hard to see one of Nol’s characters and not instantly smile. He brings such joy and silliness into his characters that the kid inside of you just can’t help but get excited about.

street art upfest 2017 nolart

Photo Credit: Upfest

20. Andrew Burns Colwill

Andy’s work normally carries a political message behind it and in ‘Arctic Scream’ we clearly see a statement about Climate Change. The piece is visually stunning and we were so glad to see him at work.

street art upfest 2017 andrew burns colwill

Photo Credit: urbanartistry.co.uk

So there we are! Our top 20! There are loads of other amazing pieces to see!

Visit the Upfest website or Upfest Instagram page for more!

Also, don’t forget to tell us your favourite pieces!

13 thoughts on “20 Street Art Pieces We Love From Upfest 2017

  1. A fabulous selection from Upfest, and you are way braver than I whittling favourites down to 20. I think my favourites also included Braga 1 and Bisser. I still haven’t finished posting 2016 yet, but start tomorrow with 2017.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Hugely honoured to have made your top 20 thanks very much! This was a last minute throw up too! I spent hours doing a free hand portrait but everyone loves Izzy. Overshadowed by my daughter again lol 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I came across a video of Banksy shredding the “Girl With Ballon” and it’s really, brilliant work. Dada, IF the Dadaist felt that capitalism was the new “war”. Actually it’s very reminiscent of a performance piece that Truman Marquez did in New York back in 2006.

    Here is a link to the performance piece by Truman Marquez 👇🏽


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