June at Global Street Art

Where has this year going? We’re already over halfway through the year! June has kept us busy here at Global Street Art with lots of exciting projects, great articles and supporting some amazing artists.

Find out what we got up to!


As big X-Men fans, we were very excited to be involved in this project, especially as we were using the artwork of comic book illustrator, Steve McNiven for the mural! The results were amazing and we had a great time working on this! Watch the video below to see the team in action!

Walk & Talk with Jessica Stewart

Whilst we were in Rome in May, we managed to find some time to go for a walk & talk around the neighbourhood of Pigneto with Jessica Stewart, author of Street Art Stories Roma. We finally put the video together, as well as some shots of Pigneto’s street art scene. Watch the interview below and don’t forget to click the headline link for more images found in the article!

Gary and Pref Mural & Print Release

It’s no secret that we love working with Gary Stranger & Pref. After working on the ‘London’ wall in Clerkenwell, we knew we wanted to find another big wall for the duo to paint. The mural ‘& Again’ was painted in Crystal Palace, which you can catch the video for below! With the mural came a print release of two different editions, both of which sold out in days!

100 Gates Project

GSA writer T.K.Mills met up with Natalie Raben, co-founder of the 100 Gates Project. This project brought artists together with local businesses to create pieces of artwork on their shutters. When the shops shut, the neighbourhood becomes an art gallery, displaying work from artists from all over the world. Learn more about the project and check out some of the amazing pieces in the article here!
100 gates project New York
Chuck Berry

We were honoured to paint this tribute of the legendary Chuck Berry down Denmark Street for Decca Records, created to honour the life of the father of Rock ‘n’ Roll. We had the pleasure of meeting Chuck Berry Jr, who came down to see the piece, and let’s just say we were glad he liked it!

ART4WTC: Streets to Tower

GSA Writer, Tawny Saez, tells us all about the street art exhibition on the 69th floor of what was the site of the World Trade Center. With over 60 street artists contributing to the ART4WTC exhibition the notion of unity and strength is very much felt through the plurality of voices that is, New York City.
ART4WTC: Streets to Tower

Let’s not forget some of the amazing, talented artists we supported with walls in June! The list includes edmx, Thiago Vaz, Argeo Mondragon & Marameo to name a few! Head to our #Walls Project playlist on Youtube for more videos!

Top pics of June 2017

And finally…here are some of the most liked images from our Instagram page!
best pics on Instagram June

Top Left: Findac
Top Middle: Mr June
Top Right: JUNK
Middle Left: Thrashbird
Middle Right: Mytho
Bottom Left: EJEK
Bottom Middle: Akse P19 Crew
Bottom Right: Darry Perier

16 thoughts on “June at Global Street Art

  1. I came across a video of Banksy shredding the “Girl With Ballon” and it’s really, brilliant work. Dada, IF the Dadaist felt that capitalism was the new “war”. Actually it’s very reminiscent of a performance piece that Truman Marquez did in New York back in 2006.

    Here is a link to the performance piece by Truman Marquez 👇🏽


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