Walk & Talk with Jessica Stewart: Author of Street Art Stories Roma

Whilst we were in Rome for the Cross the Street exhibition, organised by Drago, we thought we’d arrange a walk and talk with a friend of Global Street Art, Jessica Stewart.

Jessica is the author of Street Art Stories Roma and currently the Alice Pasquini’s Studio Manager.

We walked and talked with Jessica around her neighbourhood of Pigneto, a haven of street art created by artists from all over the world. From paste-ups to tags, to large murals, this area is swarming with amazing pieces!

We spoke to Jessica about the street art scene in Rome, what makes it unique and what changes she has seen over the years. We had to use the fitting backdrop of Alice Pasquini’s reinterpretation of the lovers of Berengo Gardin piece for the interview. Enjoy!

And now for some of the pictures we took whilst walking around Pigneto…

Street art rome alice pasquini

Lovers of Berengo Gardin reinterpreted by Alice Pasquini.

street art rome mr klevra

Mural by Mr Klevra inspired by Pasolini’s movie “Il vangelo secondo Matteo”.

street art rome alice pasquini 2

Smaller piece by Alice Pasquini.

street art rome 2501

Huge piece by 2501.

street art rome m-city

Mural by M-City 

street art rome omni71

Omni71‘s tribute to Pasolini. The piece is called “Io so i nomi” (I know the names) gets its title from the opening phrase of a well-known article by Pasolini for an Italian newspaper in 1974.

street art rome solo 1

Cartoon/graphic novel style of Solo.

street art rome solo 2

Another great example of the work of Solo.

street art rome etam cru

Etam Cru‘s huge multi-storey piece.

street art rome dulk

Dulk‘s colourful and cute red panda.

street art rome etnik

Etnik‘s geometric muli-storey mural.

street art rome stickers 2

Stickers galore! This was one of the first forms of street art to hit the streets of Rome.

street art rome headless

Artist unknown with this great piece! Let us know if you know who it is by!

street art rome paste ups

Paste-ups were another form of art that led the way for street art in Rome.

street art rome stickers

More stickers because why not?

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