May at Global Street Art!

The month of May brought many opportunities to us here at Global Street Art. Lots of exciting projects, great articles and supporting some amazing artists. Find out what we got up to!

Cross the Streets Exhibition in Rome

Street art came to the Museum of Contemporary Art Rome for the first time in an exhibition called Cross the Streets. We were invited down by Drago, the organisers of the exhibition, and instantly fell in love with the whole project.

Not only can you find 10 foot murals by international and local street artists, like Shepard Fairey, DAIM, Chaz Bojorquez and Luca Maleonte, you’ll also find exhibits documenting the history of street art, from the sub-cultures to train bombing. Check out our video of the exhibition below.


With summer around the corner, Eurowings wanted to spread the word about getting to the many music festivals happening in Europe in style. As you can see from the results, style is what they got! We produced the full artwork in-house and painted a beautiful pop-art inspired mural on the Shoreditch Art Wall.

FINAL edited photo copy.jpg

White City Petrol Station

We packed over 30 days of work into just 5 days to paint this epic petrol station in White City, West London! It was a behemoth of a task, and we couldn’t have done it without help from the locals! Big thanks to you guys! The artwork was designed by Craig & Karl and really brings a new lease of life and purpose to the space. Images by Jamie Mcgregor Smith.

CraigKarl_WhiteCity_c-Jamie-McGregor-Smith-201711 copy.jpgCraigKarl_WhiteCity_c-Jamie-McGregor-Smith-20175 copy.jpg

Interview with Murdoc

We got to talk with the anonymous Sydney-based street artist, Murdoc, to find out about how he’s progressed from graffiti to stencil art, the street art scene in Sydney, and the importance of anonymity to his work.

murdoc street art sydney 8


Our #WallsProject continued to be busy as always in May. We had so many unique artists come to help paint our city! Check out some of the artists such as Gnasher, Gary Stranger, Cesare Citriniti and Plastic Jesus.

Street Art in Athens

GSA writer Marrissa Tejada delved into how Athens is now Europe’s latest mecca for street art. It’s turning heads and now being referred to as “the new Berlin.”

street art athens

Interview with Hogre on his new book, Subvertising

We talked to street artist Hogre, one of Europe’s most prolific subvertisers. For those unfamiliar with the term, subvertising is generally the act of changing an advert to satirise, portray a political message, or change the ad into a piece of art. Hogre’s book Subvertising goes into greater depth on the subject and includes many great examples of subvertising.


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