First Look at Cross The Streets in Rome

We were very lucky to be invited to Rome by Drago, the organisers of the Cross the Streets exhibition. For the first time in Rome, the street enters the museum at the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art Rome.

Step into Street Art Stories to learn about the birth and evolution of street art. From the underground movement of youthful protest, the exhibition seeks to teach people the history of graffiti. On this journey you’ll see how street art positively invaded advertising, fashion, film, and the music industries, to become one of the most popular art forms you see today.

Head into the main room at Cross the Streets and you’ll be blown away by a collection of 10 foot pieces created by the likes of Shephard Fairey (OBEY), WK Interact, DAIM, JBRock, Diamond and Lucamaleonte.

Let’s not forget the piece by the legendary Chaz Bojorquez – the tattoo idol known as the godfather of Cholo Writing, a form of West Coast calligraphy-style graffiti, as well as Evol’s miniature and elaborate urban landscapes, showcasing German tower blocks.

Take a quick look at the exhibition in this video! Enjoy!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peak of the exhibition, we have lots of videos, interviews and snaps of the exhibition to share with you soon, so make sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages for more!

Also, don’t forget to follow Drago, the amazing organisers behind Cross the Street!

UPDATED! We’ve added the interviews with the different artists at the exhibition below!


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