From City to Sea: 29 Times Street Art Meets Nature

We are longing for spring here at Global street art. Although we know it is just around the corner we thought some nature inspired street art would help on some of these grey days !

We have put together a selection of street art images championing the great out doors. From artists dedicating their work to mother nature in urban spaces, to urban street art situated in the wildest of landscapes. Here are a few that are too good to miss. Disclaimer: may contain spiders !

  1. Taking a moment to take in the view with @padure_daniel

2. Beautiful organic abstractions of nature by @pablo_harymbat in Brazil!

3. Climbing a rainbow with @xomatok .

4. The mountains and trees of Georgia are an impressive back drop to this piece by @tedsdaddy

5. ‘Discussion’ by @sabeknonsense

6. The atmospheric coastline of Lanzarote, the perfect place for this piece by @chemisgraffiti !

7. Penguins! By @jerryrugg

8. Megot: An artist of many forms. Check out more of his work here !

9. ‘I swim upstream for the art and the culture!’- @pijanistq

10. Sinking into the sands with @darryperier  .

11. *Jaws theme tune*  @mister.achilles

12. This monkey by @daub.jg.

13. Oh to be beside the sea ! @loafstreetart

14. Getting in touch with nature with @sabotajealmontaje

15. ‘No Monkey business’ ! by @kasartofficial

16. @maksiov playing with scale.

17. Two birds are better than one ! Collaboration between @alexanderwtges and @remedios_art

18. A hopefully larger than life spider by  @jps_artist

19. Bird is the word in this work by @jerryrugg. Check out Jerry’s mural in Chalk Farm as part of our Art for Estates programme here.

20. Incredibly colourful bird by @mateusbailon

21. You might want to hide your Fish & Chips. @leighmulley

22. A wall from @ojidjo that uses nature’s own art.

23. This dreamy piece, ‘Glide’ by @man_o_matic 

24. Life is art and art is life. Apt placement by @johnkviar

25. When the city and nature are at one. @andreypalval

26. Lady in the trees. @coloquix, photo by @_dr__g

27. An owl in the woods by @michaelbeerens

28. Incredible zebras by Faith47 in Johannesburg.

29. A headstrong elephant by @falko1graffiti.

Featured image by Darry Perier.

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