Handstyles with Molotow: a Review of the 127HS Marker

The Molotow 127HS has been a writer’s favourite sketching marker since it first came on the scene – here we review the marker and highlight why we like it so much!

Molotow only puts out the highest quality of painting gear, for high-end professional artists and your local neighbourhood vandal. So it’s no surprise that their sketching markers are at the same level of excellence as everything else they do. These markers are some of the most versatile markers on the market, due to the fact that they are refillable and have interchangeable tips.

1_bThe marker
The marker itself is extremely rigid and narrow so that it fits in your hand perfectly and doesn’t cause discomfort. The cap is the exact colour of the paint inside and conveniently fits on the end of the marker so that you’ll be sure to never misplace it. The marker is made of a clear plastic and part of the sticker is see-through so that you can also see exactly how much paint is left in the marker. These markers work best on porous, yet smooth surfaces since the paint needs to absorb into the surface, yet the tip is quite small and delicate, therefore it can get damaged if used on a rough surface. The valve easily unscrews, minimising the possibility of making a mess when refilling the marker.2_bImage courtesy of OMSK

The paint
The paint in these bad boys are top notch, and come in 180ml and 30ml refills and made
from a water based acrylic paint formula. This means it’s fast drying, so you won’t have to wait long before going over a section you’ve already filled in, and doesn’t smell strong so you can use them over a long period of time for complex sketches without breathing in some nasty, toxic fumes. The paint comes is also UV resistant, weather resistant which makes it very permanent. The colours come in various shades, starting with the main colours and veering off into pastels, neons and metallic colours. This paint is comparable to the paint in the Ironlak Action Pump Paint Markers, except that the 127HS comes in a wider variety of colours and have more option of tips.
3_bThe tips
What really makes these markers shine is the signature Flowmaster valve and top quality tips. The Flowmaster valve allows for an equal and controlled amount of paint to go to the tip so that you never get excess drips. The variety of tips makes this marker so versatile for almost every and all artists, simply swap out the standard 2mm round tip for the extra fine special tech 1mm tip for super thin and precise lines, the 1mm and 1.5mm crossover tip and replaceable 2mm tips.

You can find the Molotow one for all markers on the Bombing Science online store!

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