An Interview with Alexander Blot

Using the urban landscape and forlorn buildings as his muse, Alexander Blot employs a sympathetic approach to create playful site specific art works. In this interview Russian artist Blot speaks to us about his process and techniques!

large_txt_1xzwo3tPlease tell us a little bit about yourself! 

Alexander Blot. I’m 27. I live in Penza, Russia.

How long have you been making art? How did you start?

I started drawing as a child, at first I used paper. I made my first drawing outside in 2008. It was a kind of experiment for me, I wanted to try something new: new surface, new space. Since that moment I have thought that the streets are the best place for art.

large_txt_3w5cqr6Painting on the street is a lot different to paper – how did you make this transition?

Mostly I draw without sketches because pre-made sketches do not always fit the wall or space. This is why I always find a certain place for drawing first and then make up everything from there. However I do prepare sketches and ideas for festivals and big projects beforehand. It is really important for me to complete my work on the streets with only my thoughts instead of planning and destroying the work’s authenticity. I do not only work with walls, I like to draw on objects found in the streets, on building offsets and other elements of urban space.

large_txt_m9dphrDo you do legal or illegal pieces?

 In fact, I draw illegally. However I am not a vandal. I do not want to get approval for my ideas. This is why I search for calm places where nobody can disturb me. Forsaken houses, unusual lanes and alleys, ramshackle buildings with interesting patterns.

large_txt_2sb8qgdWho do you paint for?

I draw for myself and for everyone who may appreciate it now or in the future. The creative process and its result are very important for me. But street art is supposed to be seen, you know, the streets have an audience. The audience is very receptive creature, it has a certain reaction. The artist and the audience have a kind of communication through art. It is a wonderful process.

large_txt_3smt0giWhat styles/materials/techniques inspire you?

I like different art mediums and mixed media painting techniques. Every art medium is really unique and one-of-a-kind. Currently I’m focused on using spray paint and adding some elements with the help of an art brush.

large_txt_1z51i6aHow does location affect how you work/what you paint?

My ideas for drawings are often influenced by the place, because I always look for harmony and coexistence between the art and the place. The approaches of drawing I use stay the same.

large_txt_mr88ygIf resources were no issue, what would you create/do?

I would like to travel all around the world. I want to meet interesting people and street artists with plenty of guts. I think that we would probably create interesting works together. There is a kind of creative idea and energy exchange and the possibility to inspire each other.

large_txt_yhd8vpWhere is the best place in the world to be a graffiti artist?

The world is a huge place for art. I think that there are unique and atmospheric places for street art in every city. The uniqueness of such places can inspire in different ways, making you think of new themes and ideas for your drawings.

large_txt_3h5a0fpWhat else have you been up to recently? What are your plans for the future?

 I want to join great big projects, make ambitious drawings, communicate with interesting people, tell my street art stories, and experiment with canvas and paper in the future.

Thanks Alexander !

All photos courtesy of Alexander Blot.

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