Local Indonesian Artists Presented at Update Your City Festival

Update Your City festival is the new venture of Indonesian graffiti and street art magazine Kind Magz. Inspired by the unique qualities of Indonesia’s diverse cultures, the magazine’s founder Djehovan Dhira started the festival to encourage local artists and members of the public to celebrate their local culture and get excited about their street art scene. We spoke to Djehovan about the next instalment of the Update Your City festival which will be held in Bali this March!

live-painting-venue-donkey-skatepark Live painting venue.

courtesy-of-littlebeniImage courtesy of Little Beni.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi, I’m Djehovan Dhira, I’m 27 years old and currently lived in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m an architect, a product designer, and I have a very strong passion for street art. In 2010 when I was in college I started Kind Magz, an Indonesian graffiti and street art magazine. My vision is for Kind Magz to be one of the pioneering media publications on Indonesian graffiti, street art and urban sub-culture scene!

courtesy-of-xenicoshImage courtesy of xenicosh.

courtesy-of-dankensImage courtesy of Dankens.

courtesy-of-lezartImage courtesy of Lezart.

Tell us about your new street art festival!
Update Your City festival started in Semarang city, Indonesia, November 2016, with 22 local artists collaborating on 11 awesome murals. The festival is the latest project from KIND MAGZ and we’ll be doing a tour in several cities across Indonesia. We aim to involve local artists as well as the public, to encourage people to get excited about the street art scene and local culture in their respective cities.

Our next instalment of the Update Your City festival will be in Bali. We’ll be holding an art exhibition at the Allcaps gallery with 15 artists displaying their work and also host forum discussions on a range of topics. What’s more, 20 street artists will join us for a live graffiti/mixed media painting session with around 100 metres of wall to be covered at the Donkey skatepark!

courtesy-of-swoofoneImage courtesy of Swoofone.

courtesy-of-unclejoyImage courtesy of Uncle Joy.

courtesy-of-bgsfourImage courtesy of BGS4.

What made you want to start the Update Your City festival?
The initial idea started when we realised that whilst there is a great diversity of cultures between localities in Indonesia, this diversity is often forgotten in our modern times. To raise awareness about this issue we decided to start the UPDATE YOUR CITY festival. The festival incorporates each city’s local culture with street art and we invite local artists to participate in the events. We want to educate the public and encourage everyone to be more involved with these different cultures. We believe every city has its own uniqueness worth celebrating!

courtesy-of-sleeckImage courtesy of Sleeck.

courtesy-of-peanutdogImage courtesy of Peanutdog.

What is unique about street art in Bali?

There has been a surge of street art and graffiti in Bali recently. One of the most interesting walls is a collaboration between Cinzah and local Balinese artist Slinat, in Canggu. They made a huge mural of an octopus with its tentacles spread out alongside a Balinese woman with a mask, polluted by poison. The message is quite clear: it is about the issue of global warming. The wall has had a deep impact here and attracted people to take pictures;  I hope society can learn something from this collaboration. The wall wants to ask questions that the authorities would prefer not be asked!

courtesy-of-slinatImage courtesy of Slinat.

Street art and graffiti, as well as more traditional visual arts, have created a mutual symbiotic relationship with the community in Bali. With the appreciation of the public and collaboration between the artists and the community, street are can trigger more artists to share their creativity in public spaces, beautifying the city better than the visual corporate ads could ever do! The art encourages local people to be more concerned about their environment and murals in Bali often convey a social message, as we have seen with lots of murals in the heart of Denpasar (Bali’s capital city). Art it is a good way for artists and societies to be more interactive and cooperative, as well as to encourage social awareness about public issues, to reach a better future.


courtesy-of-pickoImage courtesy of Picko.

courtesy-of-rampstwoImage courtesy of RampsTwo.

Where’s the next stop for Update Your City and Kind Magz?

After Bali, we will be spending the rest of 2017 continuing our tour of four big Indonesian cities: Jogjakarta, Bandung, Jakarta and Surabaya. Our plan is to continue the festival for all cities in Indonesia, and then go international! Most importantly we want to continue to involve local artists and members of the public alike to be more concerned with locality, culture and the street art scene in their respective cities. We want to introduce street art to the public as a way to change the perspective with which they see their cities!

As for Kind Magz, we are currently developing a mobile application service which will help connects street artists with the information they need in the work and develop the city within the scope of art. We will be releasing the app at Update Your City in Jogjakarta!

Thanks Djehovan!


All images courtesy of Kind Magz unless otherwise stated.
Find out more about Kind Magz and the Update Your City Festival, visit their website: www.kindmagz.com

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