Meet the Wallriors Who Are Transforming the Town of Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The WALLRIORS hail from the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Historically a small trading village, Kaohsiung has grown into the industrial centre of southern Taiwan.


Sen2 mural

This March, The Wallriors held their first street art festival. The second instalment came this November.
The Wallriors aim to make art accessible to all by bringing art on to the streets and to public spaces, embedding art in the community, using art as a global language.

Bamboo mural

International artists OKUDA, SEN2 and SLIKS came to paint murals around town.


Local residents were invited to check out the work in progress.


Local artists such as DEBE, MR.OGAY, FASO1 painted 3D structures to be displayed all over the city.
Some cars who will be used in local skate-park as obstacle for skaters.


The events were an initiative to educate the older generations of Taiwan on what graffiti and street art is and how positive it could be!

Photos by Kevin 鄢凱文 @kevintsg 
 Featured artists:

4 thoughts on “Meet the Wallriors Who Are Transforming the Town of Kaohsiung, Taiwan

  1. Hello, This is Faso1 from NDCrew .
    Very honored to board the site.
    But This report missing some local artists to participate.
    Here is the list:

    Fleks (Netherlands)

    and thanks to share Taiwan’s event. 🙂


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