An Interview With Dan23


Since when did you start doing street art ?

I started at the age of 13  when the hip pop culture emerged in France, but without a regular devotion in street art,. I really devoted all my energy on the street on a very creative way in 2007.


What are the strengths and weaknesses of Strasbourg about art ?

The main strength is obviously the multiculturalism of this town due to its location, at the heart of Europe and its proximity to other countries. Its weakness is the way big institutions are emphasis on small artistics structures who barely survive.


What are your inspirations and influences ?

I got many influences and they are well- diversified, from music to cinema, from painting to dance. I’m soaking up everything I see. I like to learn from others : their journey, their passions. My inspirations arise from my influences. I work a lot from the world around me and therefore I can paint about ecology and the next day, about music.


Do you practice your art without restrictions ?

Only recently, since 5 months the town offered me an accreditation allowing me to freely paint over various supports in the city center.  During 10 years, I had painted illegally and essentially in Strasbourg.


Which aspect of your art is the most rewarding ?

Being able to paint in my own town, I become a citizen, playing a role and contributing to its development. Many people do not have access to art in general, and somehow, I bring some splashes of colours in their daily lives.


Do you think that street artists have a social role to play in France ?

Obviously, as I said in the previous answer, they offer paintings to everyone and if they wish, they can generate reflections on important topics (politics, ecology, …) and even react on society issues. Unfortunately, today the media aren’t independent and the graffiti artist has to play a crucial part, I think he has to react, denounce, and speak freely.

What’s up next ?

I’m currently working on a solidarity project because I express the need for my paintings to make sense, contributing to a project worth more than ending up in a gallery. This project, which highlights the men and women who work for a fairer world, will be ready at the end of the year and it’s a cause close to my heart.

To see more of his work:

Written by Laura Warblers
Photos by Natacha Voilmy

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