Loop Jam on Blackall Street, London.

This month we hosted another Loop Jam at our Blackall Street hoarding location in Shoreditch, East London and had the pleasure of working with sixteen awesome artists.

Check out the video here!

Special thanks to:

Loop @loopcolors

Alfreschco @alfreshcodave



Kaes @jaykaes

Basik @boibasikgraff

2Rise @tworise

Sleaf @sleaferdareafer

Ryes @ryes_of_4d

Hero @hero32dpc

Oust @desoust

Neonita @neonita_mcmonster

Reznik @rezniker__

Candie @candie_bandit


The Real Dill @_the_real_dill1

Dahkoh @dahkoh

Faves @onefaver


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