Summer Sunday Paint Session in Portsmouth

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On Sunday 21 August 2016, a group of top artists got together for a TeaTray paint session in the heart of Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK.

 The session was organised by Lilou and Fark-FK from the Tea Tray cafe and gallery in Southsea, following a meeting with Portsmouth City Council Leader Donna Jones to identify places for legal graffiti and street art in Portsmouth.

 In the first of what should hopefully be a series of graffiti and street art works across the city, the recent Sunday morning paint session used hoardings around a proposed building site owned by the council. Fark-FK said this represented: “A meeting of creative minds with the same vision of adding colour to the city.”

 The ten artists produced work in a range of styles – from the crisp typography of Gary Stranger and Rocky Rocks, through the varied and intricate writing of Tomjiroe, Syrup, Ghetto Funk, Dharma, Berk MLC and Astro, Soak’s worm and Fark-FK’s trademark bird.

 These new pieces of work on King Street in Portsmouth are well worth checking out whilst they are still fresh. Some of the artists have already been back to add to their work.

Written by Howard Hurd.

 Gary Stranger (instagram: gary_stranger)

Astro (instagram: bringaklax)

Rocky Rocks (instagram:

 Tomjiroe (instagram: tomjiroe)

Syrup (instagram: syrup363)

Ghetto Funk (instagram: ghetto_funk)

Berk MLC (instagram: berkmlc)

 Dharma (instagram: luke_dharma77)

Soak (instagram: mrpickle9)

Fark-FK (instragram: farkfk)



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