Réunion Island: Destination Street Art

Who said that an island is only about beach, cocktails and surf ? On Réunion Island it’s all about enjoying the many possibilities nature has to offer to street artists. Walls, abandoned houses, old factories, cars, volcanic rocks or the edge of a cliff…art is everywhere!

If you have the chance to take a vacation to Réunion Island, I strongly recommend you take a street art road trip…from south to north, you will not only see beautiful landscapes but also thousands of art pieces. The one you will meet the most is the “gouzou”- a small anthropomorphic character created by Jace a local artist, since 1992. Sometimes the gouzou is used to distort advertising billboards, always denouncing consumerism with talent, giving birth to some of the best works of the artist. One of the favourite children and adults’ game is, of course, playing hide and seek with the gouzou. Whoever finds the new one first wins! It’s a real adventure to be able to find them all. Even if Jace is now a well-known worldwide artist, he regularly paints on the streets of the island.


      Gouzou by Jace     

Pic 2

Pandakroo, “panda-crew”, works in team to fill the streets with…pandas.by Pandakroo

Pic 3

LEGO writes his pseudo everywhere in different colours and sizes, making it seen and whispered by every mouth.

Pic 4

By Jaune


This piece by Méo is stencil work portraying homeless people on the island to give them a sense of visibility. Jaune (mentioned above) also uses stencil to picture residents of the Island, giving them a “voice.”

Pic 6

Many people, artists or fans also play with stencils and stickers.Many people, artists or fans also play with stencils and stickers.


By Jérôme Mesnager

Keep your eyes wild open and you will see pieces by Jef Aérosol, Jérôme Mesnager and meet some of Ceet‘s chickens.

Sometimes it’s not only about being creative, funny or finding an aesthetic. For example, sharks and fish are being painted on walls to raise awareness for shark hunting and other endangered species; because the one thing that the artists love more than anything is their island! Réunion Island is a big spot for Street Art and Graffiti, in addition to being a magnificent area and I invite you to visit!

Check out the work of others local artists like Floàfleur, Abeil One, GorG One and Kid Kreol & Boogie !


Article written by Laura Geisler



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