MEGOT: An artist of many forms


MEGOT first struck an interest in graffiti as a teenager by experimenting with letters. He mainly focused on letter and outlines on paper because spray paint wasn’t yet accessible to him. Through this practice he discovered the transition between the letter and form which led him to focus on energy.


Megot assembles geometric shapes to build an individual style where harmony and rhythm collide whilst always respecting the space he is working in. He uses geometric shapes instead of the traditional letter form because he believes that they are the essence of life and the colours are only relevant in the abstract. Megot explores of world where he only paints in two-tone, black and white and sometimes red that brings passion and frenzy to the mural. He owes his love of the red to meeting Louis Pavageau aka Red Line (1982-2009) who supported and encouraged him to continue in this direction. He uncovered the artists from the fine arts curriculum and helped make sense of their works.


Painting in the streets is Megot’s passion and always provides him with an adrenaline rush; knowing the terrain constraints and time pressure that are ever-present means that it’s always an exciting challenge to finish a piece as quickly as possible.


Reunion Island is buzzing with various inspirations in pristine places. Since the surface is small, a desire for openness to other horizons is felt by artists all over the island.

Article by Vasanda Valin

His most recent project: 

2016: end residential project in Marseille, for the rehabilitation of the Rocade L2. 2017: preparations for a personal exhibition.

Global Street Art profile: 



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