A City Less Grey: Leeds Street Art Commissions.

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Image Credit: Nathan Evans’ ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ mural.

What happens when an artist articulates the conversations and cultures of communities? What cultural shifts happen when people take pride in their public spaces? Arts organisation East Street Arts are seeking to delve into these questions through a number of street art commissions across the city of Leeds.

These public art pieces would explore how a visitor discovers a city through its art and its artists and what role artists play in the renovation and shaping of cities. At a time when the city is creating a case to be the ‘European Capital of Culture 2023’ and employing more people in the creative industries than ever before, this project aims to reflect the vibrancy of a growing, multicultural hub by bringing colour, curiosity and interest to the streets of Leeds.

 When the Mayor of Tirana, Albania, began painting important buildings in the city with bright colours, he was approached by European authorities seeking ‘compromise’. His reply: ‘compromising with colour means grey, and we have enough grey!’ Though Leeds is already a bustling city of creativity, grey areas can be seen on almost every corner. Enough is enough.

 East Street Arts are looking for artists who will help celebrate the vibrant and diverse multiculturalism that exists in Leeds. We welcome those who work in a range of mediums, which might involve: paint, collage, sculpture, text-based work, ceramics, photography or textiles.

 The two separate commissions can be applied for here: http://eaststreetarts.org.uk/our-opportunities/a-city-less-grey-public-art-commissions/

Article by Hayley Reid, East Street Arts.

Hayley Reid
Hayley Reid
Hayley Reid

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