Interview with Sept

Interview by Vasanda Valin

Sept is a French Street Artist who paints big colourful murals in a very innocent and child-like style. With his bright, wonderful characters he fills the streets with colour. I had the opportunity to interview this artist with a child’s heart and got to find out more about the man behind the characters.

He recalls his vacation in Clignancourt (France) where he went to a flea market and distinctly remembers the moment an artist named BANGA drew on his t-shirt. He grew up in hip-hop culture so naturally was drawn to graffiti and tagging. When he arrived on Reunion Island, he discovered an island where painting is everywhere, but it was a bit later on that street art became his passion and ultimately made working in a city much more appealing to him.

Why the choice of mainly realistic characters? 

From my inspiration and my personal appeal, I quickly focused my art towards the characters. I find that the exchange with the public is richer, makes people smile, and brings a bit of levity to the work.

In your colour palette has quite a ‘childish’ theme. What draws you to these colours?

These are the colours which aren’t used by artists. Actually, I think I remained a big child. In fact, according to me, warm colours more attract the eye…

What drives you to paint on the street? 

The graffiti is still better on the walls and all the walls in my home are painted. I think we all paint to interact with the public; this is what happens in the street. Sometimes I come back to see my paintings and I observe the reactions of passersby.

Living on Reunion Island: How does it make it you feel to paint locally? 

People have a good relationships with urban painting on Reunion Island. When I paint I often interact with passers (children, seniors, etc. …). They wouldn’t speak to me if I had no paint on my hands. Each painting is an adventure for me, a human adventure and a life of adventure!

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