Eight Artists Transform Building Site Into Enchanted Forest

Two weeks ago we collaborated with Landid Property at The Porter Building in Slough, West of London. We chose the theme of “Enchanted Forest,” which was brought to life on the Brunel Way hoarding by artists: Astek, Busk, Ed Hicks, Oliver Switch, Skyhigh, Spore, Trafik and Zadok. The result was stunning.


Our intention was to capture the attention of people either entering or leaving Slough, and make their day a bit more colourful.


The results have been so well received locally that this project has sparked possibilities of other sites being painted.


We recently launched our /Walls project which provides artists with the opportunity to book a legal wall in two trial East London locations. Our aim is to gradually increase the amount of locations available and ultimately paint as many walls as possible.

For more information please visit our website, or contact dudes@globalstreetart.com


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