/Walls Has Launched!


We are excited to announce the launch of a new feature on our website that allows you to book legal walls and have fluidity in communication with landlords/developers with pre-written permission letters.

/Walls is an initiative that will spearhead our mission to live in painted cities. This project is a step towards improving the accessibility of public art spaces for artists, playing an integral role in pioneering the movement and macro-trend of street art on a global scale.

/Walls acts as an online platform for artists, providing fast and efficient access to some of the most high profile art spaces in London.With the intention of connecting artists with legal spaces, we aim to reduce the restrictions on locations for street art and increase the amount of murals we see around our cities.

With 2 hoarding spaces currently available on East London’s Willow and Blackall street, we are aiming to add more locations and ultimately provide more opportunities for artists’ work to receive exposure and recognition. 

We believe in painted cities and the artists who do so.


Blackall Street

For more information, get in touch with lee@globalstreetart.com


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