Focus on VAST

The evolution of an artist of the Reunion Island, Indian Ocean

An interview with VAST


The graffiti scene is gradually changing on Reunion Island, a small island located 9364 km from London. Among the emerging artists is VAST, a graffiti artist whose career led him to rub shoulders with art galleries.

How did you discover graffiti?

“I first started with the very young artist STER, one of my best friends who always was like a big brother to me; I was 12 and he 15. Seeing all his books full of graffiti, I really wanted to do the same. Step by step, I started to draw on walls, always remaining hidden. I never wanted to expose myself to everyone, I prefer to paint for an afternoon with my buddies in a secret, quiet location such as a bridge or an abandoned place rather than going to paint in the night like a vandal.”


His artistic career

“At the end of high school, having always seen the same things in graffiti, I decided to get into something new and create my own graphic universe. After high school I continued to the School of Fine Arts at Reunion Island and I started painting some canvases while studying. One day I posted a photo of one of my pictures on Facebook and Olivier Poudou, Director of Opus Art of Reunion Island contacted me; we’ve been working together for three years now.”


The Graffiti in Reunion Island

“At Reunion Island, we are lucky to have a very present graffiti scene with artists like Jace, Kid Kreol & Boogie and many others who are known almost everywhere around the world. I too hope, with my paintings either on canvases or walls, to show the world that our little piece of paradise lost in the Indian Ocean is full of talented and motivated artists!”

To follow the work of VAST :

Insta : Fb :

By Vasanda Valin for Global Street Art


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